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A Christmas Message

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Hello to my Family and Friends:

This companion CD came with the original Daddy's Christmas Songs CD. It was read by me on the companion CD. It read:

A Christmas Message was an audio of me reading the CD plus a printed page inside the CD. Fee free to listen to the audio below and/or read the page below.

Hello to my Family and Friends:

The songs on this Christmas CD come from my heart. At this special time of year, I send this CD, with my love, to all my family and friends, and to future generations of the family as well. I hope everyone will accept it as a small legacy of mine.

Merry Christmas 2005 and Happy New Year 2006.

Hi, I'm Steve Mozena. I'm 45. I was born with a twin sister, Kathleen, in Portland, Oregon, in 1960. So, by only three minutes, I am the youngest of eight children born to Joseph Iner Mozena (Mozina) and Mary Teresa (Delaney) Mozena. My father was born in Italy, but ethnically Solvenia, and my mother was full Irish and born in Ireland.

I dedicate this CD to my mother, Mary, my sister Rosaleen, brothers Pete, Jim, Joe, my sister Mary, my brother John and my twin sister Kathy, and in memory of my late father Joseph.

I also dedicate it to my wife Lucille Mozena, 30, from Butan City in the Philippines, and especially my 3 1/2-year-old daughter, Arista Mozena. I coined the name Arista from the Latin root Aristos, meaning the best. Arista, you will always be the best to me.

In my life, I have wanted to be a singer, actor, politician, chef, and media business mogul. I've done many of these things to a small degree, too. In the 1980s, I was a morning radio personality in Phoenix, Arizona, and in 2001, I made a run as an underdog candidate for mayor of Los Angeles. Over the years, I went back to my roots and became a successful businessman. Both my parents were entrepreneurs. My dad owned a medical supply business in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. Additionally, my mom not only had a second-hand business, but also created the first bed and breakfast in Portland, Oregon, which was known as the Portland White House.

I've tried my best, in my own way, to make this world a better place. I want to spread as much happiness as I can. That's what this Christmas season is all about. Peace on earth, goodwill to all men. I wish we could have the spirit of Christmas all year round. The world needs it. So many people are unhappy. So many people around the world are deprived of even the essentials of life. My wish is that in this Christmas season, everyone, the whole world over, should be enfolded in the arms of love, and may that love last long after the celebrations and gift-giving are over.

One day, I may even get a chance to cut a real commercial CD. But even if I don't manage this, I hope that everyone in the family, especially the young ones, will stand on my shoulders and reach out for their own dreams, whatever those might be.

My advice to reach those dreams is to work hard from a young age, focus on your career, but try also to get married by 25 and have children by 30.

Additionally, I recommend you obtain a college degree, and if possible an advanced degree in medicine, law, or some other profession. My father did not have an opportunity to attend college, but he was a straight-A student from grade school through high school in all subjects before he went off to World War II.

Formal education is only one component of success in life, however. My mother has always had a wealth of common sense, which is an incredibly important asset. I believe you also need "street smarts," which will help you deal with a wide variety of people. And, even if you do not get a degree or a postgraduate degree, remember "Leaders are Readers." Read all you can, in many different subject areas.

Learning how to communicate with others is also a vital skill, so learn how to become a public speaker as well as an excellent writer.

Develop a love of music and learn to read music and play an instrument, such as a piano, which I wish I had learned.

Make many friends and socialize with them.

However, no matter what degree of professional success you may obtain, the best success in life is a happy family. I love all my family, my Dad, Mom, brothers and sisters, and my wife, but especially my daughter Arista. Arista: the name says it all. You're the best. I look forward to having more children in the future who I will treasure in my heart.

I wish everyone all the happiness in the world. Make the best of what comes to you.

Enjoy the Christmas season this year and for all years to come.

I hope you also enjoy "Daddy's Christmas Songs". They are some of my favorites, and I hope they'll be yours, too.

I send you my greetings, from Christmas present to Christmas future, across the years, across the miles. Let's be together in spirit, let our hearts be strong together, this season and all seasons. Let's remember that only love endures. Everything else comes and goes, but love goes on forever.


Steve Mozena

Steve Mozena

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